HostArmada Coupon Code: 75% Working Code

75% OFF
HostArmada Coupon Code: 75% Working Code 2 LinkedIn HostArmada Coupon Code: 75% Working Code 3

We all love Coupon codes. If you are looking to switch to HostArmada Hosting, get this 75% discount HostArmada coupon code and gear up your online journey.

This is the best opportunity. Get a 75% discount on this HostArmada coupon code NR75.

Although, HostArmada offers a hefty discount through their official site, applying this coupon could save you extra bucks.

HostArmada is an affordable and optimal service provider. I am having their Speed Reaper Hosting Plan for a couple of my websites. No wonder the performance is too good than I expected Cloud SSD Storage. Site Loads faster even without installing a caching plugin, as it has Web Server Cache.

They provide many hosting plans like Cloud shared Hosting, VPS and Dedicated servers too.

Note: By following the above link and applying the given Coupon code NR75 you can avail extra discount on your HostArmada Account.

How To Use HostArmada Coupon code to Avail 75% Discount

The process to apply the coupon code is pretty much simple. You need to click on this special HostArmada link to be redirected to the website.

Now, select one of the above hosting category suits you the best.

It’s important to carefully apply the discount code while checking out to avail of a 75% discount for your new WordPress website.

Step 1. Open HostArmada Website


Step 2. Click on the button Plans & Pricing from Cloud Shared Hosting with a 70% official discount (Our coupon will make it to 75%). You can also get 40% Cloud VPS Hosting.

Tip: If you have a smaller site or just starting out select Cloud Shared Hosting and save money.

Step 3. Click on the Plans& Pricing Button.

3 Shared plans in HostArmada

1. Smart Dock – The basic plan of HostArmada, lets you host 1 website with 15GB SSD Storage and offers 2GB Ram and 2 Cores CPU.

2. Web Warp – Let you host unlimited websites and comes with 30GB SSD Storage 4 cores CPU, 4GB RAM.

3. Speed Reaper – It offers more power to the website for decent traffic websites. It comes with 40GB SSD storage, 6 GB Ram, 6 cores CPU, can handle up to 1,20,000 visitors, 21 daily backups, and restore it with one click. My favorite Dynamic caching (APC, Opcode cache, Mem Cached, and LS cache for WordPress) will deliver your web pages faster to the readers.

For this tutorial, I believe you normal websites and using Cloud Shared Hosting.

1 Select Share Hosting Plan Suits Your Website

  • Select plan from SmartDock, Web Wrab or Speed Reaper
  • Enter the domain name for the new one, or you can also choose an existing domain for the below options.

Note: Domain is completely FREE for one year, with any of the above Hosting Plans of HostArmada.

Domain Selection HostArmada

2 Elect Your Billing Tenure

  • Choose the Billing Cycle, Annually, Biennially, or Triennially. I am choosing a 1-year plan for this tutorial.

3 Choose the Data Center

  • Choose a Data Center where you want to host your website, Click on Preview order.

I chose Dallas as I want my website for faster delivery options worldwide. Your preference may be different if it’s a regional website. It all depends on which countries traffic you are targeting.

4 Select/ Deselect Domain Privacy Protection

  • Select if you need a Privacy Protection service for your domain and click on Continue.

It just cost $3.95 a year, I found it worthy so selected. Recommend you to do so as well, though optional.

5 Enter HostArmada Coupon Code

HostArmada Order Details
  • You will see the order summary and b default 70% Discount applied. Click on the Remove Promotion code text link to reapply for a 75% discount.
HostArmada Coupon code
  • Now Apply NR75 and click on Validate.
HostArmada Order Summary Coupon Applied
  • This will save you some money. click on checkout
  • Fill up your Contact Information and Billing Information

6 Complete Your Order

  • Enter your Payment Details by choosing Credit Card or PayPal and click on the check-out button to complete the order.

Final Thoughts on HostArmada Coupon

We came up outstanding HostArmada discount for your WordPress website. This 75% discount on the hosting is specifically for the readers of the website. You can avail of the benefit of the code on any of their Hosting Plans.

Be it is WordPress Hosting, VPS Cloud Hosting, Shared and even on Dedicated Hosting.

Looking for some more discount on HostArmada?

Well, I understand. Although HostingArmada, already offers a hefty discount through their website, still it’s always great to save a few more bucks.

75% OFF
HostArmada Coupon Code: 75% Working Code 2 LinkedIn HostArmada Coupon Code: 75% Working Code 3