πŸ’° Best Appsumo Deals – {Crazy 98% OFF on Lifetime Deals}

/ / πŸ’° Best Appsumo Deals – {Crazy 98% OFF on Lifetime Deals}

So, what’re the Best AppSumo deals on digital tools going on right now? No wonder you are in the right place.

I have drilled down and found the profitable lifetime deals offered in AppSumo deals on some WordPress tools as well as marketing tools. Obviously, you need to reduce your business costs, getting the best lifetime deals.

Quick Notes on Appsumo Deals

You can save a hefty amount of money buying digital products, as AppSumo partners with the product owners directly to bring the best lifetime deals for you.

  • These AppSumo Lifetime deals are incredible, BUT these deals stays for very shorter period. Later, those can be purchased on regular price (10x Higher price).
  • There is a 60 days money back guarantee included for all the products. Hence, you can try any product risk-free.
  • Most of the AppSumo deals are sold out in a week from their launch on AppSumo. So, you need to make a quick move to get the lifetime deal.
  • We will keep the blog post updated on the past and upcoming AppSumo deals. You can bookmark this page for getting the Best AppSumo future deals too.
best appsumo deals

πŸ”₯ Hottest – Top Appsumo deals people Loving

We are continuously updating the best AppSumo deals for you. Here are few top deals. Grab before it vanishes from AppSumo Lifetime marketplace.

High Rated Deals on Appsumo

  1. SerpWatch – With SerpWatch, you can monitor keyword rankings, SERP features, and search traffic along with revenue.
  2. VBOUT – By combining powerful analysis and targeting tools, VBOUT is an all-in-one marketing automation platform for converting leads and nurturing campaigns at scale.
  3. WriterZen – Tracking and collaborative work among dependent sections of a larger project are made easier with Content Creator. Utilizing a machine learning algorithm to scan the 20 best ranked URLs, the software offers customized recommendations for particular keyword sets.
  4. Funnelll – You can maximize your marketing campaigns with Funnelll by capturing meaningful site interactions from your customers without writing coding or integrating complex integrations.
  5. Boost – It is a unique tool that generates opt-in links from social network APIs, allowing you to build your email list more quickly.
  6. Zion Builder – The Zion Builder WordPress plugin was built solely to increase performance! Both in front-end and back-end.
  7. Hippo Video – Using Hippos Video, you can boost your sales, marketing, and customer service efforts.
  8. Directual – An app development platform called Directual integrates traditional coding with visual no-code development.
  9. SalesBlink – Using SalesBlink, you can automate outreach and find the right leads for your business.
  10. EWWW Image Optimizer – A user-friendly image optimizer that reduces site speed, bounce rates, and SEO ranking, as well as improving user experience.
  11. Plutio – Create proposals, send invoices, communicate with clients, share files, and get paid – all from one app.
  12. Pictory – Shorten long-form content into short social videos in minutes with smart artificial intelligence
  13. Adilo – This video hosting platform helps grow engagement, increase conversions, and generate sales with powerful, ultra-secure tools.
  14. nichesss – By clicking a button, you can identify profitable niches in your target audience. Click one more button to access all marketing materials for that niche.
  15. Rytr – With a AI writing assistant, you can generate engaging content for blogs, ads, emails, social media, and more in just a few seconds.
  16. Pixelied – Pixeled is an extensive collection of templates, photos, icons, illustrations, color palettes, and vectors that can be used to create a range of design styles.
  17. Lovo – For e-learning, marketing, and entertainment, LOVO is a next-generation, artificial intelligence voiceover, text-to-speech platform.
  18. ADYOUNEED – The ADYOUNEED platform enables you to create and optimize ads in minutes, making the process of creating ads automatic.
  19. WriterZen – Tracking and collaborative work among dependent sections of a larger project are made easier with Content Creator. Utilizing a machine learning algorithm to scan the 20 best ranked URLs, the software offers customized recommendations for particular keyword sets.
  20. Radar – Radar is a powerful social media management and collaboration platform that allows organizations to manage multiple brands. This software aids marketers every step of their marketing journey, from scheduling and publishing their posts on their profiles to analyzing their progress.
  21. wpDataTables – The wpDataTables premium plugin provides you with the tools to quickly create tables, graphs, and charts in your WordPress pages.
  22. Labrika – Depending on the top competitors content currently ranking for your keywords, Labrika’s interactive content optimizer generates easy-to-action content recommendations that you can implement immediately.
  23. SendFox – With this email marketing tool, you can edit unlimited emails with a click and send them at an affordable price. Utilizing this tool feature, you will be able to personalize and automate emails.
  24. Screpy – In one dashboard, Screpy facilitates the analysis and monitoring of all website metrics. It is a tool that is based on artificial intelligence to help SEO and web developers. It is necessary to monitor your website performance – from SEO to page speed – but switching between platforms can be a hassle.
  25. PromoRepublic – PromotionRepublic is an advanced social media tool that offers custom templates and images, so smaller business can manage their social media marketing effectively.
  26. Switchy – The retargeting tools offered by Switchy.io help you boost conversions by customizing, managing, and tracking links. Custom retargeting links are the key to increasing conversions and engagement.
  27. WP Scheduled Posts – By installing an automatic social media sharing tool, you can concentrate on your core work. A robust schedule calendar and management features are also available for WordPress posts.
  28. SimpleSocialButtons – Social media sharing buttons can be placed in multiple areas with a super light-weight plugin. The sharing icon widgets are customizable within this WordPress plugin, so you can modify them to match your blog’s design.
  29. WPReset – Using WP Reset It, you can reset and restore your entire WordPress website as easily as clicking a button in WordPress. Improves the speed of site deployment. Developers, web designers will benefit from it.
  30. Crello Pro – This tool helps you design outstanding graphics and animation for use on social media. Make your website look professional with a few clicks and edits.
  31. Book Like a Boss – You can schedule appointments and sell your services online with Book Like A Boss. Perfect solution for Freelancers and Marketers.

How to Make a $1,000 a Month Business Course – Learn how to turn ideas into businesses and businesses into goldmines with this revolutionary online course. In the past, this course sold for $600, but now you can get it for a sixth of the price. (Now available at AppSumo for only $100 for limited period)

Crazy AppSumo Lifetime Deals {Grab Before Expires}

Most of the deals gets expire in a couple of weeks. So grab if the priduct is a right fit for you, before the it vanishes from Appsumo Lifetime deals.

Having a site on WordPress is a blessing. But, if you are not using the right WordPress tools for your website, then effort gonna be in the vain.

I drilled down the best WordPress products to grow your website. And fortunately, all come with great AppSumo pricing.

Nichesss Review


A simple click will help you find profitable niches among your target audience. Another button will give you all the marketing materials for that niche.

By using our powerful reddit search, you can find subreddits by their number of members.

It is usually said that niches with a lot of subscribers have fewer than 100k subscribers. To begin, just description people in the subreddit that looks promising.

Highlight features of Nichesss

  • Start Marketing Plan
  • Short Posts
  • Blog Posts
  • Image Posts
  • Generate Ads copies (Facebook, Adwords)
  • Tools for YouTube Videos (Create description, Titles, subtitiles)
  • Write emails swiftly (subject lines, cold e-mails, newsletters etc,)
  • Create prodcut description about tools

Regular Price: $999.00/ year
Appsumo Deal Price: $59 (Lifetime Access)

LOVO – Human-like text-to-speech


LOVO is a next-generation synthetic speech platform with natural-sounding AI voiceover and text-to-speech for e-learning, marketing, and entertainment.

Access 180+ human-like voices in 34 languages with full commercial rights

Best for: Marketers, e-learning course creators, and YouTubers who need voiceovers for videos or training

Quick Video Walk-through on the Tool

Regular Price: $588.00/ year
Appsumo Deal Price: $49 (Lifetime Access)

Acadle – Create Online Academies


This comprehensive learning management system lets you build, customize, and launch white-labeled academies.

Your online academy can be quickly and easily built with Acadle thanks to its customizable, white-labeled features.

Provide a learning experience that engages students, customers, partners, and employees.

Quick Video Walk-through on the Tool

Highlight features of Acadle

  • Unlimited Courses and Lessons
  • Your own domain and Branding
  • Connect with API and Webhook
  • Course Folders and User Groups
  • User Profile and Certification
  • Private notes and Discussion forum

Regular Price: $468.00/ year
Appsumo Deal Price: $69 (Lifetime Access)

WriterZen – Easy Content Creator for SEO


Within minutes, WriterZen explores precise keywords, accurate topics, and relevant content references!

Using Content Creator, you can keep track of and collaborate with sections within a large project.

  • Topic Discovery gets Keyword clusters with search volume
  • Keyword explorer also interrogates domain names
  • A world-class plagiarism tool is included free
  • Next level filtering system

Regular Price: $840.00/ year
Appsumo Deal Price: $69 (Lifetime Access)

SendFox Review – Email Marketing Software


Online Marketers just love this tool. And why not, it allows them to send personalized and customized design emails to their followers and subscribers, within few clicks.

Email marketing is one of the cheapest ways of marketing and spreading your word across the globe in a click. Yes, customize, draft, and send emails with this incredibly easy to use the tool.

Not only business ownsers can leveraage this tool to shocase their product, but bloggers and YouTubers are also able to drive a lot of traffic to their content.

Assume, you have fresh content and need some boost to it, just spread a word through email to the subscribers and you have your traffic and sales.

Quick Video Walk-through on the Tool

Highlight features of Crello Pro

  • Send unlimited scheduled and automated emails to your contacts
  • Create custom, branded emails, landing pages, and built-in forms
  • Integrate with dozens of your favorite tools like – Sumo.com, KingSumo, Zapier, API, and more
  • Best for: Content creators like bloggers, podcasters, and vloggers who want to turn fans into customers

Just Create, schedule, and automate your emails with SendFox. The user interface will make the customization of emails even smoother. And fortunately, it won’t put any hole in your pocket, despite having robust features.



It offers you contextually-appropriate grammar, punctuation, style, and vocabulary recommendations based on the context of your writing.

Do you have something to share on social media or a post for your blog? You can check grammar instantly with Linguix by adding the Linguix browser extension.

Quick Video Walk-through on the Tool

Highlight features of Linguix

  • Essay Templates
  • Content templates
  • 2,700 checks for punctuation, grammar, context, and sentence structure
  • Personalized language learning
  • Fix 9 million typos
  • Synonyms suggestions
  • Basic grammar and spelling checks

Well, you might find few other tools as well like Grammarly. Have have you ever thought about the lifetime deal for your writing lifelong. Appsumo made it possible. Grab your copy and enjoy with the perfection.

WPReset Review – WordPress Development & Debugging Tool


If you developer or a user who creates a lot of websites, you might aware of the fact that there are a lot of files get attached to the website database. Theme files, plugins, and whatnot.

Often you might want a fresh website back again. But cleaning everything manually could be a nightmare.

But, WP Reset will help you do so. It is a WordPress plugin that will reset your website to default and creates snapshots as well so that you can restore your website anytime.

Quick Video Walk-through on the Tool

Highlight features of WP Reset

  • Robust Cleaning Tools Makes WordPress website lighter and faster
  • Automatic Snapshots
  • Manage all your client sites in one place
  • Nuclear Reset – Clean the site in one click
  • recovery tool
  • Undo anything in one click
  • Light-weight WordPress Plugin

Regular Deal Price: $299 Per Year
Appsumo Deal Price: $89 (1 Year deal)

Crello Pro Review


Days are gone, when you need to design your graphical content from the scratch.

Crello comes with thousands of readymade templates to choose from to create your own images, videos, and designs without any putting hours of time or put a hole into your pocket, hiring freelancers.

Quick Video Walk-through on the Tool

Highlight features of Crello Pro

  • royalty-free and high-quality images to choose from
  • Quick editing to create outstanding images
  • Ready-made 30,000+ templates

Regular Deal Price: $300
Appsumo Deal Price: $49 (Lifetime Access)

Simple Social Buttons Review

Simple Social Buttons

Social media is the backbone of any website. Social media and SEO go hand in hand.

Hence, you can’t ignore social media sharing buttons for your WordPress website at all. Definitely, you want it to grow and thrive in the online arena better than your competitors.

Quick Video Walk-through on the Tool

Features of Simple Social Buttons

  • Fully Customizable to match with your Website theme.
  • Display the buttons, in 6 different locations on the layout
  • Pop-ups and Flyin’s social share icons available.
  • Compatible with the major Page Builders
  • Easy Setup, plug, and play.
  • Light-weight and Fast Loading icons

They offer the social media sharing plugin for unlimited sites for only $78. If you are a developer and have several clients, this is a perfect fit.

Well, this a breathtaking lifetime AppSumo deal only for $39 suitable for bloggers as well and can be used on 5 sites.

Regular Price: $199 per year
Appsumo Deal Price: $39 (Lifetime Access)

Pixelied Review


Pixelied is a feature-rich design tool offering an extensive library of templates, photos, icons, illustrations, color palettes, and vectors.

It is best for Social media marketers, digital agencies, bloggers or even youtube content creators who want to create unique designs that stand out.

Quick Video Walk-through on the Tool

Highlight features of Pixelied

  • 25+ ready-made formats
  • millions of stock photos, icons, and illustrations
  • Invite, collaborate, and share your designs with your team
  • constantly growing library of ready-made professional templates
  • organize and manage different projects all in one place
  • background remover tool works as a standalone feature

Regular Deal Price: $480
Appsumo Deal Price: $49 (Lifetime Access)

AppSumo Plus

πŸ’° Best Appsumo Deals - {Crazy 98% OFF on Lifetime Deals} 1

AppSumo Plus is beneficial for those who are frequent AppSumo customers and love the lifetime deals. Becasue with Appsumo plus the rewards are designed specifically as per needs.

Below are the benefits you will get with Appsumo Plus Membership

  • 10% off AppSumo Purchases
  • Access to KingSumo Giveaway Pro
  • Exclusive Extended Access to Deals

Regular Deal Price: $99 Per Year
Appsumo Deal Price: Worth a lot (keep calculating for a year)


AppSumo’s Multi-Million Dollar Marketing Playbook! – FREE

Below are the few things, which you will be able to learn through this multi million dollar playbook. It’s worth a lot, thankfully Appsumo is providing it for absolutely FREE.

AppSumos Multi-Million Dollar Marketing Playbook
  • The Sumo.com tools used to grow the AppSumo email list
  • The copywriting formula of a $250,000 AppSumo sales page
  • The 12 points promotion checklist used to promote every AppSumo deal
  • How to Grow a new startup into an 8-figure business

Frequently asked Questions

What is AppSumo?

Appsumo became the largest marketplace, where you have the privilege to buy products for lifetime on a massive discount. If you are a blogger or online marketer Appsumo is the place to buy digital tools at more than 90%OFF.

That means you are getting lifetime access to the tool by paying for a month.

What is the refund policy of AppSumo Deal?

The deal gets even fair, when your have control on any products refunds. YES, you will get the refund for your purchase even if you have no reason for it.

Does AppSumo provide customer support?

AppSumo is a Market Place. But, Product Developer or the owner would be happy to help you. You get better precise answers from the creators itself.

How to know about Upcoming Appsumo Deals?

Well, there are many deals get updated tool every day, seldom weekly as well. We do update this article with the best deals for you. If you are an online marketer, I would suggest saving this page on your browser.

The conclusion to get Best AppSumo deals For your website

Well i am leaving it on your now, as i have already listed the most profitable lifetime deals for your website.

Missing such deals just makes you feel crazy and regrettable later, as those just be there for a short time. No other market place comes near to AppSumo, that offers a better discount on lifetime deals.

It became my ultimate marketplace to buy digital goods.


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