How To Become a White-Label WordPress Hosting Reseller?

Who doesn’t want to make more money. No wonder its possible selling hosting accounts. Yes, I am talking about to make money being a WordPress hosting reseller.

It’s pure business, where you don’t need any investment and setup to get started. You will be reselling webhosting accounts with your own brand.

Sound’s exiting right?


Before jumping into, go through required basis aspect about white label reseller hosting.

What is White Label Reseller Hosting?

Hosting under your brand name is a white label reseller hosting service. It enables you to rebrand hosting products to make your own web hosting company.

You do not need technical knowledge to use white-labeled reseller hosting. Tech support services, such as server management and maintenance, are handled by web hosting providers.

What Is The Difference Between Shared And Reseller Hosting?

Shared and Reseller hosting are similar in some aspects, but they are quite different and designed for different users.

The purpose of shared hosting is usually to cater to a single user or business. Each shared hosting customer receives one cPanel account to manage their entire web presence.

Additionally, Reseller Hosting is available to users who want to host their own customers and start their own web hosting company.

Customer who have a reseller hosting account are able to create hosting packages for their clients through their WHM control panel. To manage their websites, customers have access to a cPanel.

Advantages of White Label Reseller Hosting

If you are already into digital marketing, Freelancing developing or probably running an agency, it would be a good choice to expand your business to next level with ease.

Of course, you can also become a white label reselling hosting without any experience too, as the hosting companies will take care of all the technical aspects.

1. Wide Range of Services can be Offered

What ever your existing services are, Freelance web designer, Search Engine Optimizer, Social Media Expert, including Hosting services will get you gain more customers or makes it possible to sell the hosting services to exciting clients.

When you have wide range of services to offer, the chances are more to make more money. Yes, it human tendency people like to shop the desired things at one place, so that managing and tracking could be easier. On the other hand, since you offer more services, so chances are more that you be able to offer them discounts on the packages. Certainly it would be a win-win for both you and customers. Become a whit label reseller hosting provider and double your revenue.

2. Add More Income

Becoming a Reseller Hosting could add more revenue into your bucket if you are offering other services as well.

For instance you are a freelance web designer, and you get a chance to recommend a hosting account to your client. The client buys from your affiliate link and you get a commission out of it for one time. On the other hand what if you a reseller and be able to offer the same service to the clients you will be able to generate recurring revenue.

Sounds cool, isn’t it.? This is where being a hosting reseller could be more profitable.

3. Get help with Customer Retention

Yes customer retention gets easier. If you are a web developer, you client approaches you for designing a website. Certainly, they need a hosting account too. Of course you can easily pull them in, by offering your hosting services.

Straight away it gets easier to retain the customer, since you will be able to offer both the services including into a package.

4. No Burden of space Requirement

Certainly, if there are several website to host, you will be in the need of having high-end servers for your hosting business. The servers are maintained in a cool environment and need to be monitored closely. And if you are running other services as well along with the reseller hosting business, it might not be feasible for you.

Within white label hosting, you need not to put all the servers in the office. That states your all the space requirements can be reduced and you will be able to make your business running out of a home office itself.

5. Let heavy weight lifted by Hosting Provider

You don’t have to bother about any server related issues or any other technical aspects. Your hosting provider will take care of all. Your customers complaints can be directly forwarded to the hosting provider, they will troubleshoot the issues.

It awesome right, you just need to focus on the marketing efforts to sell more hosting accounts and grow your business.

How to get started with White Label Reseller Hosting Services

Well, I know you would be eager to know how to get started with your reseller hosting business. I thing article I will show you how to setup your account quickly with WPMU DEV Hosting.

Step 1 – Go ahead and install The Hub Client Plugin (7 days Free Trial)

Note: This plugin will allow you to change the existing WPMU DEV branding with yours and be able to manage all the hosted sites from one place. It’s a complete customer relationship management (CRM) software for your business.

the hub client

Step 2 – Since you installed the plugin, you will be able to Customize and Brand Your Hub

  • Place your logo
  • Custom colors scheme reflecting your brand
  • Custom Navigation Menu
  • Create custom terms of service and privacy policy pages
  • Manage Users from once places and their roles
  • Custom live support chat button.

FAQ’s – Becoming a WordPress Hosting Reseller?

How Do I Start A Hosting Reseller Business?

Buying a reseller hosting package is the first step. In order to manage your reseller hosting business from within WebHostManager (WHM), you will use the included control panel. Ensure each customer has their own cPanel account using WHM. Furthermore, you can manage account security, create and remove web hosting packages with WHM’s additional features.

Is reseller hosting profitable?

You can make money from reseller hosting. Profitability depends on finding a market niche or way to market to your eventual customers that is affordable enough to offset your costs. Being years in digital marketing, I can say the niche is lucrative.


The need for web hosting will never go away until the internet exists. Moreover, with white label hosting, you don’t need to worry about expensive or difficult server issues, since everything is handled by the hosting provider.

While choosing a reseller hosting plan for your business, it is important to do your research. As a business owner as well as a client, you’ll need to select a host that provides quality customer service and the right type of server environment.

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