14 Best WordPress YouTube Channels For WordPress Users

Being a WordPress user, you will encounter errors and seek to troubleshoot it through WordPress tutorials. And YouTube being is the second largest search engine right now says, people, hand over their learning process to videos in this era. Hence to learn WordPress you need to follow the best WordPress YouTube channels?

I understand, seldom finding good and relevant WordPress tutorials become difficult on the web. And being a WordPress user you need to upgrade your skills to grow your site.

Hence, being a WordPress user myself for years now, I will help you in this regard by letting you know about some top WordPress YouTube channels to follow and eventually learn WordPress.

Top WordPress YouTube Channels to Follow

Its always good to have a few learning resources to be stay updated on WordPress, how to create a website, how to manage a website. learning the designing skills and simultaneously take advantage of the updated information. Here are some best YouTube channels to the regular learning to-do list.

1. Tyler Moore

tyler moore

I have been following Tyler, for years. His videos are very informative and his soft-spoken skills let you watch more of his videos. He is popular for his step by step guide on his WordPress YouTube channel, as his channel tagline is Tyler Moore – step by step with no step skipped.

Tyler is quite regular uploading videos for both techies and non-techies as well.

Depending on the topic his video varies from a few mins to 3 hours long as well.

Subscribers: 406K+
Channel Started: Jun 1, 2011

2. WPCrafter

adam at wpcrafter

Dedicated to learning and leveraging WordPress, WPCrafter.com is a WordPress learning and leveraging site.

You will find videos that cover topics like installing, maintaining, and more advanced topics for WordPress developers.

Subscribers: 222K+
Channel Started: May 28, 2014

3. WPLearninglab

wp learning lab

You can easily learn skills needed to create/run your business’s website or gain new clients by taking their WordPress tutorials and courses.

They teach WordPress fundamentals from the ground up and include advanced skills.

Subscribers: 126K+
Channel Started: Jul 24, 2014

4. Darrel Wilson

Darrel Wilson

Darrell teaches people how to make WordPress websites without coding skills and how to use drag-and-drop builders.

Thousands of people have used his services to create businesses and earn money online.

You don’t need any experience to set up an eCommerce site using WordPress or WordPress!

He will teach you how to start your own business using WordPress and how to become a successful Web Designer.

Subscribers: 290K+
Channel Started: Jan 22, 2016

5. WPBeginner

syed balkhi wpbeginner founder

Every WPBeginner tutorial is special on its own kind. They are crisp and super informative.

Any non-techie can follow the steps and get the desired functionality for their blog or website.

Because most of the tutorials talks about how to use the plugins and explore its functionality. Simple to complex tutorials for all users.

Subscribers: 252K+
Channel Started: Jul 18, 2009

6. Ferdy Korpershoek

Ferdy Korpershoek

Using Ferdy’s tutorial, you will be able to set up your own WordPress website. Astra and Kadence themes, Divi, Elementor Pro, and other WordPress related tools are some of the topics he teaches on.

Besides teaching email marketing courses, he also teaches about Convertkit and Mailchimp. I discuss SEO tools such as Yoast SEO and Rank Math, and now and then I discuss affiliate marketing. Online money making methods as well.

He explains things simply and straightforwardly. His enthusiasm and eagerness to create more and better videos, as well as seeing my audience grow, are what drives him to keep doing what he does!

Subscribers: 227K+
Channel Started: Oct 15, 2014

7. Let’s Build WordPress

let’s build wordPress

MartieDread is the owner and manager of the Let’s Build WordPress youtube channel.

Without any prior experience, he teaches you how to build a WordPress website from scratch!

He provides extremely useful tutorials on his YouTube channel that are extremely easy to follow. These WordPress tutorials can be followed by ANYONE without any HTML knowledge or Java Scripting skills.

Nevertheless, you still should not experience any problems even if the only thing you can do on your computer is read email.

He will demonstrate to you how easy it really is to build a professional looking AND acting website from scratch with this channel that professional web designers don’t want you to find.

You can build the websites that he shows you how to build in his videos for around $10, which is 99% less than what it would cost for you to hire someone to do it for you!

Subscribers: 30K+
Channel Started: Oct 28, 2013

8. Kori Ashton

kori ashton

Whenever Korie Ashton makes these videos, she deals with online marketing.

Subscribe to the YouTube channel in order to access the videos.

We recommend that you reach out directly to the authors of an item mentioned in a video if you have questions about it.

You can comment on a specific thread in the channel if you have a question about something that was shared. They will reply within a day of the comment being made.

Subscribers: 45.7K+
Channel Started: Oct 10, 2011

9. WPTuts


Creating beautiful WordPress websites, learning the latest plugins and tools, and expanding your freelance business and earning potential.

Use Elementor, Brizy, Woocommerce, and other tools to build faster WordPress websites.

Don’t know where to start when it comes to building powerful websites?

With ACF (Advanced Custom Fields), JetEngine, Toolset and more, we will help you make the most of them.

With WPTuts, you can polish your skills in WordPress, web design, and more.

Subscribers: 104K+
Channel Started: Nov 11, 2014

10. Hogan Chua

14 Best WordPress YouTube Channels For WordPress Users 1

One of the best place to learn about WordPress and eCommerce. Offering step-by-step guidance for everyone in creating a website, a blog or an online store.

You can follow his channel for WordPress and tools installation & general troubleshooting.

You will also learn how to build a passive income-generating affiliate marketing website.

Subscribers: 100K+
Channel Started: Jun 28, 2015

11. Josh Hall

14 Best WordPress YouTube Channels For WordPress Users 2

With Josh’s help, you can build awesome websites and create a web design business that gives you freedom and freedom to live the life you love.

With a decade of experience building, scaling, and eventually selling work-from-home web design businesses, he is passionate about sharing what he has learned.

Web design freelancers and web agency owners (new and existing) can learn how to build professional websites and build a successful business around their lifestyle through his tutorials, courses, blogs and podcasts.

Subscribers: 22.5K+
Channel Started: Aug 8, 2017

12. ThemeIsle


This category includes general WordPress resources, tutorials, and how-tos for all kinds of WordPress users.

Reviews and tutorials for beginner and advanced WordPress users. This channel is aimed at clients or people just getting their first WordPress website and theme installed.

So you can expect everything from the scratch. Suitable for beginner level WordPress users to experts as well.

Subscribers: 33.9K+
Channel Started: Jan 20, 2016

13. Website Learners

14 Best WordPress YouTube Channels For WordPress Users 3

Building websites has never been easier thanks to Website Learners. WebLearners aims to simplify and ease the process of building a website.

The company is based in Chennai, India, and has 50+ employees. With this channel the company wants to make ‘Learning’ as simple and easy as possible so that you are able to achieve your goals online.

Subscribers: 910K+
Channel Started: Jan 16, 2017

14. Create a Pro Website

Create a Pro Website Dale mcmanus

This channel is owned by dale McManus. Using easy tutorials, he will show you how to make a website for your business, portfolio, or blog.

With his videos, you’ll learn how to make a website without coding through a variety of website builders.

In this course, you’ll learn how to create a website with Elementor, an e-commerce site with Shopify, and a Divi website.

He explains how to earn money from your website, and he examine how others make money online.

In his videos, he covers everything from building a Squarespace website to building a WordPress website.

Subscribers: 308K+
Channel Started: May 18, 2018

Best WordPress YouTube Channels – Your Favourite?

These channels not only help you troubleshooting the errors, but also let your know how to create and maintain your WordPress blog with ease. Also WordPress hosting recommendations are quite usual along with plugins integration and talking about the use of it.

I am sure you have got a chance to go through few of the channels online so far.

And certainly, few WordPress YouTube channel’s are new to you, and worth following. What are your other favorite channels to learn WordPress.

Share with us, we might add those into the list if those are worth following. Happy learning!

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