How To Choose the Best WordPress Hosting Providers: Provide Better Shelter

A good WordPress hosting provider is crucial for your site Optimization.

Hence we need to be picky while choosing the best platform for the website, thinking in all respects performance, uptime, support, and pricing too.

Being a WordPress blogger and a web designer. I always have a chance to work with many clients and try out new hosting providers.

I am sure you too are looking forward to the best WordPress hosting providers as well. Let me share my experience with some good hosting services I came across.

Do you know why?

Well, the future of your website depends upon the hosting provider you are using.

Best WordPress Hosting Providers

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Fundamental Needs in WordPress Hosting

It’s good to know, what are the basic requirements for WordPress Hosting before choosing one. Compared to any other Content Management system, WordPress is the lightest weight software. All the web hosting company’s servers are compatible with it. Although there are some basic requirements for it,

Top WordPress Hosting Providers Help Your Site Grow

The selection process for the same can be quite complex as the huge number of options being available there can confuse anyone.

Speed, uptime, and customer support are some of the most important factors one needs to consider while making the final selection.


Hostinger is a leading player in the world of web hosting, catering to millions of domains globally with its robust infrastructure and feature-rich offerings. Boasting an impressive uptime of 99.9% and an accelerated loading time of approximately 350ms, Hostinger ensures a swift and seamless experience for users.

Key features that set Hostinger apart:

  • Lightning-Fast Performance: Achieves remarkable loading speeds, enhancing user experience and website performance.
  • Massive Domain Network: Hostinger proudly hosts a vast network of domains, exceeding millions worldwide.
  • Efficient 24×7 Customer Support: Offers round-the-clock live chat support, ensuring that expert assistance is readily available for any queries or concerns.
  • Free WordPress Site Transfer: Facilitates hassle-free migration with a complimentary WordPress site transfer service, ensuring users can seamlessly transition to Hostinger.
  • Google Cloud Servers: Leverages the power of Google Cloud Servers, providing a reliable and robust hosting environment.
  • Free HTTPS and Email Services: Prioritizes security by offering free HTTPS, ensuring data integrity, and includes free email services for a comprehensive hosting package.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Hostinger provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy for both beginners and experienced users to navigate and manage their websites effectively.
  • No Free Domain and Go Geek Plan is a bit expensive

Bluehost WordPress Hosting

Ensuring users about 24 x 7 live chat customer support options, Bluehost is another one of the finest WordPress website hosting platforms on the list with stable and fast servers.

Bluehost is being designed to support one-click installation for WordPress and also ensures users have free HTTPS and domain for the entire year at quite an affordable price.

The hosting platform provides users with a stable and quite fast uptime at the rate of 99.99% and also ensures users have faster loading time.

This website hosting platform provides users with different plans to enjoy. Each of the plans included a free WordPress staging environment and easy WordPress installation.

BlueHost Features to Know
  • Decent loading time at the speed of 780 ms
  • Ensures users to have 24 x 7 live chat customer care option
  • Provides free HTTPS and WordPress staging environment
  • Easy one-click WordPress installation format
  • Provides free site transfer options
  • FREE Domain name for one year
  • Does not provide any monthly payment options
  • Support takes some time to respond, but they do.

Overall Bluehost is a perfect fit for new websites and those who want a FREE domain (For the First Year) along with a Hosting account.

Generally, a domain costs around $12 – $15 elsewhere. BlueHost offers free domain along with their hosting plans. Even with basic ones. This makes it more purchaseable, despite having several Bluehost alternatives around.

You can Search Your Desired Domain,

DreamHost WordPress Hosting

When it comes to the server level, DreamHost is very similar to SiteGround and lower price too. It is known as the sister company of Siteground as the features are almost the same.

But, the support is not as geeky and fast as SiteGround Hosting and the price they offer $2.59 m/o is applicable if you purchase for 3 years. Else you will be chargeable 3.95 m/o same as SiteGround. Hence I had to put this at number 4.

If you are looking for a long-term plan and want to host more sites, Dreamhost could be the best hosting option for you. Their unlimited plan comes in $4.95 m/o. SiteGround offers to host at $5.95/mo for unlimited websites. You can make your choice according to the requirements.

DreamHost Features to Know
  • Challenges one day of free service for every hour of downtime
  • Faster Site Load with SSD
  • Highest, 97 days money-back guarantee
  • WordPress focused firewall security
  • MySQL databases (Unlimited)
  • Pre-installed SSL and TLS certificate
  • Support is decent, but not that quick

A2Hosting WordPress Hosting

If you are looking forward to high-end support for your website at affordable pricing,

A2Hosting is the website hosting platform that is going to provide you all. Stable and stronger uptime, faster loading time and much more are there to explore.

Users are free to ask for their queries any time 24 x 7 without any hassle. A2Hosting is also featured with various wonderful features such as free SSL and Cloudflare CDN options, a faster server, and much more.

Flexibility over the different plans is one of the wonderful features that has made this hosting platform one of the most demanding options at this moment.

A2 Hosting Features to Know
  • Faster loading time than its competitors
  • Ensured 24 x 7 live chat support
  • Fast servers for seamless access
  • Free CDN and SSL options
  • Provides flexibility over different packages
  • The turbo option is not available for the basic package

GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting

GreenGeeks is another one of the most powerful website hosting platforms in the list that guarantees users to have faster uptime and loading speed at affordable pricing.

This website hosting platform is being featured with unlimited storage and bandwidth.

Users can easily get automatic updates and free SSL services here without any hassle.

No charges are being imposed on site transferring and SSL certificates and Cloudflare CDN services are also being ensured here.

It is a green hosting platform that is being designed to provide automatic data backup support for your websites.

GreenGeeks Features to Know
  • Stronger uptime and loading time
  • It is an absolute green hosting provide
  • Does not impose any charges for site transferring
  • Supports automatic data backups
  • Includes free SSL certificates and Cloudflare CDN
  • The renewal charges are quite higher

WordPress Hosting FAQs You need to know

Well, it is pretty common to have some questions regarding website creation and choosing the right WordPress hosting, before starting a blog. I am here to help to share my expertise in this area and answer the frequently asked questions to me.

👉 Why do I need WordPress hosting to start a website?

One of the common ones is button important. As we know, we need a web host to store our website files online. And if your website is going to be on WordPress. In that case, it is always recommended to go for WordPress Hosting, as the servers are specifically optimized for the WordPress platform to perform better.

👉 Should I purchase a monthly WordPress hosting plan or for a longer period?

Are you serious about your website? If yes, then you should go for a long period only, and that would save you a lot of money. As you will see, most of the hosting providers offer a hefty discount if you purchase for a longer period. Either could be 12 months, 24 months, or even 36 months. The longer the better savings.

👉 How much does it cost to build a WordPress site for a year?

Trust me if you are starting it shouldn’t take you more than $100 on average including domain. And hosting provider like Hostinger offers a free domain for the entire year.

👉 Do I need to purchase a domain and hosting from one place?

Well not at all, there are several domain registrars where you can get your domain and point it to your hosting. However, it’s advisable to get it from the same hosting company if you are a non-techie or don’t want to manage it all from one place.

👉 Can I switch my WordPress website to another hosting provider later?

Of course, you can, whenever you want to without any hassle. Most of the hosting providers offer free migration too.

👉 While purchasing hosting, Do I need to get any WordPress hosting addons?

While buying hosting accounts, all the hosting providers try to sell some add-ons. FREE and paid both. Uncheck the paid ones, You don’t need them while starting. Although, you can get those later, as your business grows.

👉 How to choose the WordPress host data center location?

This serves your audience better. For instance, if your audience is going to be from the US, you should choose the US data center so that your website can load faster to them.

👉 How much traffic can these WordPress hostings handle?

Hosting companies design their plans to handle any kind of website, lower traffic, or higher traffic. You just need to select the right plan. WPX Hosting and SiteGround Managed hosting is a perfect fit for high-traffic sites. And on the other hand, Hostinger and BlueHost are good value for money.

👉 How to secure my WordPress hosting account?

SiteGround and similar hosting companies offer, robust security on their all plans. However, it is also good to add one more layer of security by installing a WordPress Security Plugin.

👉 Do these WordPress hosting companies offer website backups?

YES, all the hosting companies listed offer free backups weekly or daily as well. You can also request a backup copy whenever you need it. Nevertheless, you can also create your backup periodically, using a WordPress backup plugin. Which I highly recommend doing.

👉 Do WordPress hosting companies offer professional branded email addresses?

Yes, all Hosting companies will let you create more than 3 branded email accounts with the company name from CPanel.

👉 Any other WordPress hosting providers that are not listed here?

Yes, there are several hosting companies suitable for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels too. Listed providers are a perfect fit for new sites and if you are looking for advanced-level hosting companies that could handle very high traffic. I would recommend Kinsta, WPX Hosting, or WP Engine Managed Hosting Providers.

Best WordPress hosting companies in my opinion?

After using several WordPress hosting services for my clients, I was able to compile this list evaluating many factors, such as performance, webspace pricing, and of course support.

These are the best hosting platforms for any new site and growing ones, in terms of everything. Even with their basic plans. However, they offer advanced managed and cloud plans too which are good options for higher-traffic sites.

Quick Recap – WP hosting services

WordPress HostingPriceFree DomainReturnSSD Storage
Hostinger$2.49/moYes30 days100 GB SSD
BlueHost$3.95/moYes30 days50 GB SSD
DreamHost$2.95/moYes97 days50 GB SSD
A2Hosting$3.92/moYesAnytime100 GB SSD
GreenGeeks$2.95/moYes30 daysUnmetered

My Top WordPress Hosting Choices are,

Hostinger – This is the most value for money, fast yet affordable hosting provider in the world. Their, fast and easy setup process wins the hearts and also provides a Free Domain.

BlueHost – They are the older WordPress Hosting providers serving more than 2 million websites right now. It becomes the first choice as they offer the FREE domain too. Even recommends them.

Final Verdict: Which WP Hosting to Choose?

Choosing the right hosting provider for your website is quite necessary. A website hosting platform decides the future of your website. So choose it wisely.

Opting for the wrong one could become a hurdle in your blog or business website growth.

I have listed the best WordPress Hosting Providers here to start your blog and online journey.

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