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A unique WordPress plugin I discovered is Link Whisper. In a tutorial, I discussed how easy it is to use it to optimize your internal linking structure within your WordPress posts.

Beginners tend to overlook building internal links as a strategy. Your internal links will help you rank your pages in the phase of your blog when you don’t have a lot of backlinks. Your whole blog and website can be easily indexed and navigated with this method.

On-page search engine optimization is highly dependent on internal links. They allow Google to read your blog posts and understand the context. Search engine spiders can easily index and crawl your pages once they are indexed by these external links.

It’s amazing how helpful it is for ranking your pages when you have a hierarchy of themes and clusters for the content on multiple keywords when you link two or more pages.

It’s been more than a year since I have been started using Linkwhisper on my few blogs. I’d have to say that it’s one of the best plugins for automating internal links that are compatible with databases.

We will discuss the advantages of Link Whisper in this review so that you will be able to see in-depth what it offers and how it saves you time and makes link building easy.

What Is Link Whisper?

An automated internal linking suggestions plugin for WordPress powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) will suggest links to your articles as you write.

You will receive a lot of incredibly relevant internal links from the content you are editing, depending on how many blog posts you have on your WordPress site and how relevant your existing content is.

This plugin will automatically provide you with smart internal linking suggestions so that you don’t have to waste your time figuring out where to put internal links in your posts.

Link Whisper Review: Let’s Walkthrough

Advantages of LinkWhisper Plugin – Key features

  • AI-Driven Automation: Link Whisper’s AI algorithms intelligently identify opportunities for internal linking within content, ensuring a seamless user experience and improved SEO.
  • Orphaned Content Detection: It efficiently detects orphaned content, helping users identify and link to overlooked pages on their website.

Internal Link Suggestion

Many WordPress plugins do not utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI). The high-quality performance of Link Whisper is one of only a handful of plugins that excel at it.

As you start writing your blog posts, the algorithm analyses them. You can then add links to the page with just a click after seeing the link suggestions in real-time.

Installing and activating Link Whisper completes the first scan. The tools periodically scan the links to ensure they are providing the most current links.

Internal Links Reporting

As well as the number of links each post has, Link Whisper will help you analyze how many internal links are in each post. In addition to that, it also displays the number of inbound links coming from the article and how many outbound links are present in it.

From your WordPress dashboard’s sidebar, select the Link Whisper icon and then report:

  • Inbound internal links
  • Outbound internal links
  • Outbound external links

A blog post with inbound links is one with links pointing towards it from other websites.

A link that goes to an external domain as a result of an outbound internal link is called an outbound internal link. The Outbound internal links column reflects the appearance of links cloaked by a plugin like Pretty Links or Thirsty Affiliates.

Internal links pointing to an external site on another domain are known as outbound external links no-follow and do-follow.

Why to use Linkwhisper – Key Benefits of Using Link Whisper

  • Enhanced SEO: Link Whisper strengthens a website’s SEO foundation by optimizing internal linking, leading to higher search engine rankings.
  • Time-Saving: Its automation capabilities streamline the internal linking process, saving valuable time for content creators and website managers.

How to use Link Whisper?

  • Installation: Install the Link Whisper plugin on your WordPress website.
  • Configuration: Customize settings according to your preferences.
  • Utilization: Incorporate suggested internal links within your content to optimize SEO.

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It’s go to tool to use, no learning curve required. But, if you must watch this video for details understanding.


Single Site License$9720%Check
3 Site License$13720%Check
10 Site License$18720%Check

In addition to accommodating up to 10 sites, LinkWhisper offers a tailored 50-site license for those with a larger number of websites.

Pros & Cons

AI-driven internal linking suggestionsSome users find it cumbersome to use
Streamlines internal linking processMay complicate the linking process for some
Helps improve SEO rankingsPotential learning curve for new users
Detects and suggests links efficientlyRequires a WordPress website
Compatible with major page builders

User Reviews and Testimonials

Users praise Link Whisper for its user-friendly interface and effectiveness in improving internal linking strategies.

linkwhisper user review
linkwhisper user review

Link Whisper – Frequently Asked Questions

What if I uninstall the Link Whisper plugin?

Links will remain intact. After uninstalling Link Whisper, all the links you added will remain unchanged.

That means you need not worry about any SEO changes even after uninstalling the link whisper plugin.

Is there any Link Whisper discount code available?

You can use the NAVINRAO Code and get an extra 20% discount on any plan you buy. You can use this article to see how we can apply the LinkWhisper coupon code to get a hefty discount.

Which is the best internal link-building plugin for WordPress?

Over time, I have used plenty of internal linking plugins, hence I can easily recommend the Link Whisper plugin to be used for any site.


In conclusion, Link Whisper emerges as a powerful tool for automating internal linking processes with its innovative AI-driven approach. By seamlessly integrating relevant internal links into content, it not only enhances SEO but also elevates the overall user experience on websites. Incorporating Link Whisper into your SEO strategy could be the key to unlocking higher search engine rankings and greater user engagement.

Is there any Link Whisper discount code available?


Create SEO Optimized articles in no time

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