8 Best WordPress Affiliate Plugins – Cloak Links and Increase Sales

If you would like to monetize your site effectively, these are the best WordPress Affiliate Plugins you can get right away.

There are many other options accessible for all niches. Broadly stated, almost every successful business provides comes up with an affiliate program for you to earn additional or extra money.

But how does this affiliate marketing work?

The simplest explanation would be as follows: You encourage the products and services of other businesses and receive a commission for every deal you make.

The commission can range from 3% to 50$, 60%, and even more. Endorse a $ 100 product and acquire $60 in your pocket for your deals.

Why You Need Affiliate Cloaking Plugins

Trying to begin and handle an affiliate program on your own can be difficult and timewasting.

And moreover, Affiliate links always are way too long and looks ugly. Hence making it small would make sense.

Apart from that, when you create an affiliate link through a plugin. The link will be cloaked and appear to be your branded name. This makes an Affiliate links more clickable and sellable.

Although, a well-featured affiliate plugin for WordPress would make your job easier and be fruitful to make money.

8 Best WordPress Affiliate Plugins

Fortunately, there are tons of techniques to assist you. Here are our choices for the 8 Best WordPress Affiliate Plugins to assist you in running an effective affiliate marketing program.


Affiliate WP

AffiliateWP is the best WordPress affiliate program plugin that permits you to make a simple-to-use affiliate database with the appropriate marketing methods.

AffiliateWP brightly tracks affiliate recommendations, even if it is on servers that have tough collecting. This is also one of the best affiliate plugins for WooCommerce.

You can easily set up assignment proportions, duration of the cookie, affiliate pages, and many other things.

Even WordPress specialist Chris Lema also recommends it.

You can add AffiliateWP with a multitude of MemberPress, remarkable plugins, namely WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, Easy Digital Downloads, PayPal Buttons, and so much more to drive your affiliate database to better heights.

ThirstyAffiliates Affiliate Link Manager

Thirsty Affiliates

Beginning with our list of WordPress plugins, we have ThirstyAffiliates Affiliate Link. It is the finest and premium plugin, which means that you can get and use the plugin for free.

Still, if you need access to more innovative specifications, you will need to buy the premium version of Thirsty Affiliate.

Since here we are only concerned in link hiding, the free edition of the plugin will be sufficient.

It is clear from the name, this is the best plugin engaged to assist you with the affiliate world.

As such, it offers many options that will help you in managing your affiliate links improved. One such specification is the capability to cover your affiliate links.

There is also an alternative to use 301, 302, and 307 conveys so that your applicant’s browser doesn’t misunderstand your relationships as malware.

Pretty Links

Pretty Affiliate Links

Pretty Links is the famous WordPress affiliate link plugin reliable by over 200,000 sites.

It permits you to add links to your WordPress posts easily, make small and unforgettable affiliate URLs for cloak affiliate links, podcasts / social media, and more.

It permits you to see which links are performing better on your site.

You can also permit the auto-linking specification to add affiliate links for particular keywords automatically.

The plugin allows you to set relays that come in close when an affiliate link returns a 404 error. Pretty links display relevant link reports in your WordPress admin desktop.

Easy Affiliate Links

Easy Affiliate Links

The Easy Affiliate Link plugin allows you to manage affiliate links powerfully on your website.

It permits you to custom your loops into small links or saves them at the start.

Also, using it, you can follow clicks to expand your affiliate market. It reduces the links to hide them and create them more controllable.

This Easy Affiliate Link Plugin allows you to use groups for improved management of your covered and uncovered links.

On top of that, you have the choice to import as well as export your links for backup up.

Just like some of the other plugins, here too, you will acquire links following functionalities.

Ultimate Affiliate Pro

Ultimate Affiliate Pro

It is a viral associate WordPress plugin in CodeCanyon. Approximately 7000+ websites are using this WordPress plugin.

It has a unified combination with Stripe, WooCommerce, PayPal, EasyDigitalDownloads, and more plugins.

You can join the authority of Magic Affiliate and WooCommerce / WP e-Commerce to increase your store income.

Ultimate Affiliate Pro is a great WordPress affiliate plugin that could bring infinite online earning to your e-commerce or affiliation website.

So many affiliate dealers can endorse your products so that you can appreciate quicker sales and incomes without added hard work.

Auto Affiliate Links

Auto Affiliate Links

Auto Affiliate Links will repeatedly put affiliate links – not only on your website but also on Walmart, eBay, BestBuy.

You can use the status of affiliate links or save it usually.

If you want to select your keywords and add your links manually, you can do so from the “Auto Affiliate Links” option in your management panel.

In “General Settings,” you can fix if you wish the links to conceal if you want them to add on your desktop/ homepage or not and many other choices.

The plugin will provide you with the most significant used 100 keywords from your content; you can add affiliate links when displayed.


Adsanity Plugin

AdSanity WordPress Plugin is a bright ad rotator plugin.

It permitted the applicants to make and handle ads displayed on a website as well as remain statistics on visions and hit through the subsequent set of features.

Not only does it have lots of useful specifications, but it is also simple to use and is exceptionally lightweight if you want to keep your site fast.

8 Best WordPress Affiliate Plugins - Cloak Links and Increase Sales 1

It is the best method for website holders who also use Google AdSense and other ad packages to increase their income.

You can put ad code to your site and enthusiastically show ads without deletion WordPress theme records.

You can also choose a date variety to see custom reports for particular ads.


WP Forms Affiliate

WPForms is one of the best WordPress Affiliate Plugins, and it permits you to make contact forms on your affiliate site only.

Prospective users are more likely to buy a product suggested by persons they know.

By having a connection system on your website, you’re creating it easier for your users to reach you.

WPForms lets you add your form with top email marketing facilities so that you can make connections with your users.

Conclusion: Which Affiliate Plugin is the best?

If you have been running a website for a long time, you can consider how to earn your hard-earned money.

And as you may previously know, the affiliate world is a real tool to attain this.

The following are the Best WordPress Affiliate Plugins for handling links, serve your ads, and acquiring the best out of your hard marketing work.

If you are spending time on any other plugin to increase your sales, share with us, and add your comments on the below section.

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    This is the awesome list of link cloaking WordPress plugins. I used Pretty Links which convert ugly affiliate links in a short pretty links with tracking functionality.
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