9 Best Gutenberg Blocks Plugins for WordPress Website

Hey, here I came up with some best Gutenberg Blocks plugins to make your blog post engaging?

Word Press has introduced multiple new features and plugins, which not only make it more attractive for all the bloggers but also make the site more efficient and user-friendly while also increasing its market by introducing a plethora of new features…

Rather than a single unified box, like it was the case with the classic TinyMCE editor. In this case, each bit of content in Gutenberg is its own block.

The concept for this is that a paragraph, a photo or even a block-quote could be its own block.

Why Gutenberg Blocks Plugins?

What it also essentially does is that it allows the third party users to add their own block that one can use while they are creating their content with Gutenberg.

For instance, the fundamental text block is increased to alter the text and background color. The image block allows you to amendment the overlay color.

Similarly, there is a unit completely different blocks that you just will use to form enticing and customized content. There’s conjointly a block for social media icons. This makes it doable to incorporate social sharing choices right at intervals the content.

How do the Gutenberg Plugins actually work?

It’s a pretty user-friendly and simple way in which the Block Plugins function in Gutenberg. All these plugins are basically plugged and play.

What one has to do id initially that they install and activate the plugin. And then simply, they can immediately start using their own new blocks from the regular Gutenberg interface.

Given below are the best Gutenberg Block Plugins have been recently introduced.

Best Gutenberg Blocks Plugin To Super-Charge Your WordPress Blog

Hopefully, people who all are seeking to know more about the best WordPress Gutenburg block plugins for a long time, then the given below discussed stuff would be helpful for all of them for sure.

1. Gutenberg Blocks – Ultimate Add-Ons for Gutenberg

Ultimate Addon Gutenberg Blocks

Ultimate Add – On is popular for all the good reasons. This plugin is developed by Brainstorm Force by keeping things in mind to make it easier to create blocks for the webmaster. It contains some awesome blocks.

1. Advanced Headings2. Advanced Columns
3. Blockquote4. Call-To-Action
5. Contact Form 7 Styler6. Content Timeline
7. Google Map8. Gravity Forms Styler
9. Icon List 10. Info Box
11. Marketing Button12. Multi Buttons
13 Post Carousel14. Post Grid
15. Post Mansory16. Post Timeline
17. PriceList18. Sections
19. Social Share20. Team Members
21. Testimonial

2. Atomic Blocks

Atomic Blocks

The feature atom block is introduced by the same team, which introduced Array Themes.

Array Themes is a popular theme shop with a great reputation writing quality code.

With the introduction of new blocks in Atom Blocks, these are the following features which have been uploaded:

1. Post Grid2. Container
3. Testimonial
4. Inline Notice
5. Accordion6. DropCap
7. Share Icons8. Call-To-Actions
9. Customizable Buttons10. Spacer and Divider
11. Pricing Block12. Author Profile

3. Stackable – Ultimate Gutenberg Blocks

Stackable Gutenberg Blocks
Stackable Gutenberg Blocks

Stackable is yet another Gutenberg block plugin that has received immense attraction from the audience.

It offers the users around more than 23 new blocks, while also including one of the most advanced blocks that the site has to offer to its users. Some of the most popular ones are as follows:

1. Container Block2. Seperator Block
3. Post Block4. Feature Grid Block
5. Accordion Block6. Image Box Block
7. Featured Block8. Icon List Block
9. Call-To-Action Block10. Card Block
11. Header BlockCount UP Block
13. Video Popup Block14. Pricing Block
15. Testimonial Block16. Team Members Block
17. Notification Block18. Number Box Block
19. Expand/ Show More Block20. Button Block
21. Blockquote Block22. Divider Block
23. Spacer Block

So far Stackable has these many awesome blocks on yet more to come and added into the link. It is known as one of the finest Gutenberg Block Editor.

4. Ultimate Blocks – Custom Gutenberg Blocks

Ultimate Blocks

Ultimate Blocks comes with some cool 17 blocks as of now while writing this blog post and rapidly they tend to add more clean blocks in their library.

1. Review (Schema Enabled) Block2. Table of Contents Block
3. Tabbed Content Block4. Click To Tweet Block
5. Tabbed Content Block6. Social Share Block
7. Call-To-Action Block8. Count Down Block
9. Content Accordion Block10. Progress Bar Block
11. Feature Box Block12. Star Rating Block
13. Notification Box14. Button
15. Number Box Block16. Divider Block
17. Image Slider Block

Other finest part of this plugin is you can activate only those modules which would like to use. And Ultimate Block Manager makes it very easier just in a click.

Gutenberg Blocks manager by Ultimate Blocks
Ultimate Blocks Manager

I found this plugin is well coded after having a lot of trials on my locals. And observed it is still getting better after every update. Cleanly written plugin, without impacting the loading speed of the website.

5. Kadence Blocks – Gutenberg Page Builder Toolkit

Kadence Blocks
Kadence Blocks

Another big name in the list is Kadence Blocks. A well-crafted plugin, which can give you a feeling of working or designing your website on a third party page builders like Thrive Architect or Elementor.

Some awesome blocks features in the list are,

1. Row / Layout Blocks2. Tabbed Blocks
3. Info Blocks4. Advanced Headings
5. Advanced Buttons6. Accordions
7. Spacer/ Divider8. Custom Icons
9. Icon Listings

6. Advanced Gutenberg

Advanced Gutenberg
Advanced Gutenberg

This Gutenberg Blocks Plugin is developed by JoomUnited. According to what the official website says, these blocks can make everything better and perform you better in many positions and various points. The blocks look super cool and make the pages looks even better.

The blocks which it offers are as follows:

1. Latest Post and Woo Commerce Products2. Gutenberg Gallery Enhancement
3. Content Blocks4. Image and Video Blocks
5. Email And Contact Form Blocks6. Accordions
7. Tabs Blocks8. Design Blocks
9. Custom Style For Blocks10. Advanced Tables
11. Advanced Buttons

It has around more than 11 blocks to offer its users which is one of its specialties. 11 but quite useful ones that make it a must try Gutenberg Block plugin if you want your content to look even better.

7. Advanced Gutenberg Blocks

Advanced Gutenberg Blocks
Advanced Gutenberg Blocks

Being one of the most notable introductions by Gutenberg, this is one of the features which attracts the maximum amount of audience and has a high demand rate.

It has over 16 new Gutenberg blocks and as described by the official website, they are as follows:

1. Info/Notice Block2. Post Blocks
3. Woo Commerce Products4. Woo Commerce Add to Cart Button
5. Banner Ads Block6. Table of contents Block
7. Click to Tweet block8. Google Map Block
9. Website card preview block10. WordPress plugin card block
11. Testimonial block12. Text + Ad block
13. Unsplash block14. Giphy Block
15. Intro Block16. Code block

Testimonials blocks too included which can make your things better and move your position in a different way.

8. Coblocks – Page Builder Gutenberg Blocks

Coblocks Gutenberg Plugin
CoBlocks Gutenberg Plugin

Coblocks have been designed by ThemeBeans and now acquired by GoDaddy. Altogether, Coblocks, ThemeBEans and Block Gallery are now GoDaddy’s one of the popular domain registrars.

Having branded itself as the “Gutenberg Blocks for Content Marketers”, it gives the user a good sense and idea of the target audience that they should aim at for the creation and the posting of their content.

This has been built by the same team which designed Theme Beans, and it has around more than 10 new blocks. The unique ones in this feature are as follows:

1. Resizable Row/Columns Blocks2. Shape Divider Block
3. Hero Block 4. Buttons Block (New!)
5. Features Block6. Media Card Block
7. Icon Block8. Map Block
9. Accordion Block10. Alert Block
11. Author Profile Block12. Click to Tweet Block
13. Dynamic Separator Block14. Gif Block
15. GitHub Gist Block16. Highlight Block
17. Pricing Table Block18. Social Sharing Block

Therefore mentioned blocks are the top performing newly introduced blocks by the WordPress Gutenberg.

This information provided is a very minimal piece to give the readers a fair idea of what they should be expecting when they plan to use these new features.

In order to gain more information about the same, the user or the reader must check the official link wherein they will be provided with not only a little more detailed analysis but where they can also use and check the features in order to analyze it for themselves and fully understand the benefits which these features offer to the customer.

The technology behind these blocks can only be fully comprehended once it has been tried and tested by the user.

9. Gutenberg Blocks Design Library

DesignHub Blocks
DesignHub Blocks

Firstly we create complex page layouts directly in Gutenberg editor. This needs to be done without any messy or buggy columns and sections.

WPDesignHub plugin is a collection of ready-to-use section designs created using default Gutenberg blocks.

No extra JS or CSS calls on your pages. Maximum performance and compatibility with any Gutenberg-ready theme,” this feature allows the user to create their content within minutes and not hours as one would tend to take without the presence of this block.

It functions as a real asset for agencies and web designers who choose to create advanced page contents but finds the older features quite limiting.


You can head on and check the plugins page to check what new every plugin needs to supply. This resource will make your search easy to find the best WordPress Gutenberg Block plugin right now.

All these plugins square measure updated often, and new innovative blocks square measure additional for effective content creation.

The new Gutenberg editor really provides stronger features for producing and publishing content. And everyone these plugins, enhance the capabilities of the block-based editor, by providing further blocks.

So which one you liked the most?


  1. Recently I have tried Ultimate Add-ons for Gutenberg. It seems my recently published blog post looks good in terms of structure and design. Getting good views for that too. Looking forward to also try out other plugins you written on this post.

  2. Hi Navin,
    Really a very informative post on Gutenberg Plugins, got to know lots of awesome info. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Navin,
    you’ve done a great work summing up all these useful plugins for extending the core library of Gutenberg blocks. I do like it!
    Have you heard about Getwid blocks? Recently I came across them, look very promising. What are your thoughts in this?

  4. Indeed a cool roundup of Gutenberg blocks! Thank you!
    I heard about Getwid Blocks for Gutenberg, they look very promising. What do you think about them?

  5. That’s a very useful list of Gutenberg blocks. It took me some time to get into Gutenberg as I was not comfortable initially. But recently I have removed that Classic Editor plugin and happily using Gutenberg with Atomic Block. It’s really fun and easy to use Gutenberg. Thanks a lot for sharing useful articles on your blog.

  6. Hey Navin

    I am using the classic editor currently.

    I have seen so many negative reviews about Gutenberg.
    Should I switch to Gutenberg?
    Any suggestions would be very appreciated.


  7. You explained it very well Navin. Helpful post.

    I tried Ultimate Blocks from this list. it is good plugin.

    Getenberg editor is awesome. It helping to bring some cool designs to the blog post.

    Thank you Navin for bringing this post. Keep update such awesome posts.

  8. Thank you for the insights! we just launched a free Gutenberg plugin that is friendly for any users, please take a look at our demo site, and you can download this plugin for free: buba.rocks/demo-blocks/

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